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Goji Juice

Goji (Lycium barbarum) is a small red berry that is grown in China. It is on of the most popular tonics used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The red berry is commonly used in tea, soups or eaten just as a snack.

Goji Juice is a nutritional drink high in antioxidants, healthy polysaccharides and phytonutrients.

  • Nutritionally rich - one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet

  • Vast array of phytonutrients

  • p-corotene (more than carrots), Vitamin C, (300% more than oranges), phenolics, polysaccharides and amino acids

  • Testing has shown that Tree of Health Goji Juice has 40% to 45% higher antioxident strength when compared to other brands currently on the market